[swift-evolution] [Review] SE-0018 Flexible Memberwise Initialization

David Owens II david at owensd.io
Thu Jan 7 13:23:38 CST 2016

> On Jan 7, 2016, at 10:49 AM, Matthew Johnson <matthew at anandabits.com> wrote:
>> On Jan 7, 2016, at 12:37 PM, Joe Groff <jgroff at apple.com <mailto:jgroff at apple.com>> wrote:
>>> On Jan 7, 2016, at 10:32 AM, David Owens II <david at owensd.io <mailto:david at owensd.io>> wrote:
>>> And this is more clear than this?
>>> class Foo {
>>>   var x,y,z: Int
>>>   init(x: Int, y: Int, z: Int) {
>>>     self.x = x
>>>     self.y = y
>>>     self.z = z
>>>   }
>>> }
>> No, it isn't, but Matthew asked… I'm personally not too motivated to support anything more than all-or-nothing memberwise initialization, and tend to agree that anything more specialized deserves an explicit implementation.
> Maybe you would feel differently if you were an app developer.  Different kinds of code have different needs.  The most important use cases I have in mind are related to UI code, which is often the majority of the code in an app.
> Matthew

It’s not a universal truth that the majority of code in an app is UI code, unless you’re specifically talking about really small apps or essentially apps that are views for a server. The UI code to non-UI code ratio in a product like Word (for Mac) is no where near “majority”.

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