[swift-evolution] Be able to initialise empty dict with array constrcutor

James Campbell james at supmenow.com
Tue Jan 5 06:39:35 CST 2016

See this code:

var distanceCache: [Int: Int] = Dictionary<Int, Int>()
It is very long and tedious to write especially if what I am storing

I propose we be allowed to do the following:

*var distanceCache: [Int: Int] = []*

If this isn't possible then I wouldn't mind having some way of telling the
compiler to auto create it like so:

*var distanceCache: [Int: Int] ()*


*var distanceCache: [Int: Int] = new Dictionary*

or even:

*var distanceCache: [Int: Int] = auto*

*auto var distanceCache: [Int: Int]*

(auto short for auto create)

Perhaps this dictionary syntax is just confusing and it was a bad idea to
make it the same as an array. Most languages use "{" so why did swift
choose to share "[" with arrays and dictionaries.
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