[swift-evolution] [Proposal Draft] automatic protocol forwarding

David Owens II david at owensd.io
Thu Dec 31 12:02:18 CST 2015

> On Dec 31, 2015, at 9:47 AM, Matthew Johnson via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> No.  This is addressed in the proposal and the lazy collections motivating example I replied with last night.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to require this.

Can you put your proposal on GitHub under your swift-evolution fork? It’s really hard to follow the current state of the proposal and the changes over time.

> The forwardee needs to implement the members of the protocol but does not need to conform.  The forwarder will receive forwarding implementations of the members, but again does not need to declare conformance.  Forwarding is orthogonal to conformance, just as it is today when you manually write forwarding members today.

I cannot think of a time where I wanted this pseudo-conformance. The entire purpose of forwarding, that I’ve ever wanted or seen at least, is to act as a pass-through from the outer type’s conformance to a protocol to an internal specific implementor of that protocol without having to write all of the boiler-plate code to make that happen.

So I find it confusing that you say they are orthogonal.

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