[swift-evolution] [Proposal draft] Generalized Naming for Any Function

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>> Some more things to consider:
>> - Our naming conventions encourage the first parameter to most methods to be unlabeled, so unlabeled parameters come up a lot. I don't think there's a grammatical requirement for an identifier before each colon; maybe we can leave out the underscore and use `foo(:bar:)` instead of `foo(_:bar:)` to refer to unlabeled arguments.
> At first glance it seems like we can remove the parens altogether if we went with this approach. Could instance.`foo:bar:` work (instance.`foo` in the no-arg case)? I’m not sure how removing parens would work for inits and subscripts though.

While the conventions encourage the first parameter to be unlabeled, it doesn't enforce it (and there are exceptions in the standard library, like `removeAll(keepCapacity:)`, as well as `stride(to:…)` and `stride(through:…)`.

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