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> Paul points out that many people have similar concerns about how the
> default might impact 3rd party frameworks and libraries.  In 2015 this
> *usually *means open source libraries.
> ...
> In reality closed source, binary only libraries from 3rd parties are the
> exception, not the norm.  Bad experiences with closed source, binary
> libraries (some have mentioned C++) in the past aren’t really applicable to
> future experiences with *open source *libraries.

I suspect these two statements are true in most shops these days, but there
are still plenty of companies out there, typically older companies with
many superfluous layers of middle management, where buying closed-source
binary blobs is the rule (and in some, open-source is verboten). This
hasn't been as much of a thing with Objective-C, but it's not unheard of,
and I've run into them more often than I'd like. There are a lot of
companies out there that make a killing in the Java and .NET worlds selling
these libraries. If Swift makes significant gains into the enterprise
space, which seems likely, given IBM's backing, you can expect a lot of
these companies to start vending Swift frameworks.

As much as you and I might wish that, in 2015, third party libraries ==
open source, a lot of business gets done the crappy way.
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