[swift-evolution] Rough Proposal - Collection of all cases for an Enum

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Rough proposal for implementing a method to get all cases on a enum. I feel like this is a valuable feature, and all current methods of doing this have major drawbacks. I'd like to field the idea to gauge interest.
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# Collection of all cases for an Enum

## Introduction
Add reflection capabilities for getting an `Array` or `Set` of all cases for an Enum. 
This would not be supported for enums with associated values.
## Motivation
This feature provides a benefit for many use cases. 
Multiple methods of doing this exist currently, however each has obvious drawbacks.
For an summary of current methods, see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24007461/how-to-enumerate-an-enum-with-string-type/24137319#24137319 <http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24007461/how-to-enumerate-an-enum-with-string-type/24137319#24137319>
## Proposed solution

This could be implemented as a static function or static constant. 
    enum Foo {
        case CaseOne, CaseTwo, CaseThree
    let allCases: [Foo] = Foo.allCases()    // [.CaseOne, .CaseTwo, .CaseThree]    

Alternatively, an extension of `Mirror` to support mirrors of types could include this capability.

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