[swift-evolution] "Assume" directive for classes and methods

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Wed Dec 23 11:44:14 CST 2015

> We tried to avoid these kinds of contextual blocks because they make reading declarations in isolation much harder. That's one of the reasons we have 'public'/'private' as per-decl modifiers rather than C++/ObjC-style grouping.
Imho that is no problem when the effect of the modifier isn't local.
In the case of final, it would only make a difference in a subclass, and no matter if that subclass is in the same module or in a different one, I don't see problems:
- If it's in the same module, the author most likely knows his own preference, so it's better to leave him the freedom of choice instead of forcing him to live with the global default.
- If it's in another module, there is the interface that is generated and has the information

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