[swift-evolution] Lambda function syntax

Tino Heth 2th at gmx.de
Wed Dec 23 03:42:44 CST 2015

> love trailing closures
I wouldn't go that far and just say "})" looks ugly — but that has the same implications ;-)
With parameters, trailing closures loose a lot of their appeal, and an alternative syntax ("func(x: Int) {" instead of "{ x: Int in}" isn't that bad for trailing closure either.

The only obvious downside is the "$0" shortcut would be confusing with "func() {" (but not so much with "func {"…).
Speaking of "$0", you could argue why it is allowed in closures and not in methods… but I'm in some discord with $0 anyways:
It is really nice for small constructs, but drawing the line when to discourage their use is tough (at least to tough for the compiler to enforce a rule).
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