[swift-evolution] Community Proposal: "This Week In Swift" newsletter

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Tue Dec 22 23:29:58 CST 2015

During the development of Rust prior to v1.0, one of the things that really helped with keeping up with changes (both in the language and in the stdlib) was Corey Richardson's weekly newsletter/blog titled This Week In Rust. Since 1.0, that was actually turned into its own website at https://this-week-in-rust.org and appears to still be going strong (although I assume someone else has taken over responsibility at this point).

What Corey did with This Week In Rust was he went through all the pull requests that were merged in the past week, found the "important" ones, and compiled a list of one-line summaries that linked to each PR in question. He made sure to call out any breaking changes (this was pre-1.0 so there were breaking changes almost every week) as well as anything that seemed like it would be of interest to people looking for a weekly summary. He also listed RFCs (Rust's equivalent for our swift-evolution proposals) as well as any interesting news from the community (such as new projects or libraries). This weekly newsletter was posted on his blog and also posted on the Rust mailing list. I'm really not sure where he got all the time to do this (I believe he was studying at University at the time), and I don't know how much time it actually took, but it was widely regarded as being extremely helpful.

I'd really love to see someone with enough time on their hands start up something similar for Swift. This would include interesting or important changes to the language/stdlib as well as news about proposals (e.g. newly-submitted ones, ones up for review in the coming week, the accepted/rejected resolution of them, and finally news about when implementations get merged in). Ideally, Apple would actually pay someone to do this, but I suspect it's unlikely that there's anyone involved with Swift at Apple that has the time for something like this. And of course I don't have time for this myself (that's why I want the newsletter, so I can make sure I don't miss anything important!).

-Kevin Ballard

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