[swift-evolution] [SE-0011] Re-considering the replacement keyword for "typealias"

Michael Henson mikehenson at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 14:17:16 CST 2015

> 1) Do you agree about using “associatedtype”?
> 2) If not, which keyword would you prefer to use? why? (you can introduce
> a new one)

There is another alternative. Rather than trying to come up with another
brand-new keyword, we can re-use one that has an existing and appropriate
meaning: required.


protocol ExampleProtocol {
  required typealias Element
  typealias MethodSignature = (arg: Element) -> Bool

  ... etc

It's a little more verbose at the point of use but the declarations are
relatively uncommon and this usage is clearly separate from regular
typealias declarations.

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