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Quite quickly: 

I favor the proposal, but not for its stated reasons.

In isolation it’s not a big deal to have implicit-self or to not have implicit-self. It does offer real conveniences, albeit ones that are IMHO rather small-and-petty.

Given that, I think implicit self isn’t worth having if it gets in the way of higher-value features, and at least to my eyes that’s already happening.

Consider that both the "method-chaining" and the “introduce-new-scope-with-new-self” proposals have, to my read, stalled due to the apparent lack of any suitable syntax for them that’s:

- concise enough to be useful
- unambiguous enough to be implementable-and-usable
- in-line with / behaving-analogously-to the rest of the language

…with the concise syntax ideas being ambiguous largely due to issues either caused-by or made substantially-more-difficult due to implicit-self. 

I could be mischaracterizing the issues those proposals encountered — in which case I apologize — but even so, this kind of consideration is why I’d be in favor of dropping implicit-self; I suspect it either complicates or rules-out too many other useful things to really "pay it’s own way".

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> The review of “Require self for accessing instance members” begins now and runs through Sunday, December 20th. The proposal is available here:
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