[swift-evolution] higher kinded types vs Python's syntactic sugars

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Thu Dec 17 17:56:00 CST 2015

Different people are participating in different topics, so I wouldn't take
the different responses as indicative of the community's opinion as a whole.

Another thing: higher-kinded types would make it easier to implement the
sort of list comprehensions that languages like Scala have. The philosophy
of the language, as stated by multiple members of the core team, is to
prefer building tools that allow language features to be defined in
libraries, over hard-coding specific features into the language grammar and
specification. Here are a couple of examples:

- Custom operators and operator overloading, so things like '+' can be
defined in the standard library
- isUniquelyReferenced(), so that library developers can implement their
own collections with value semantics
- Literal convertible protocols, so that third-party types can be
initialized from literals in source code when it makes sense


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> How is it possible that higher kinded types are being discussed seriously
> while Python’s syntactic sugars (e.g., comprehensions) have been dismissed
> as too confusing?
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