[swift-evolution] Request to add middle dot (U+00B7) as operator character?

Ethan Tira-Thompson etirathompson at apple.com
Thu Dec 17 14:14:09 CST 2015

Hi swift-evolution,

I wanted to use ‘·’ as a dot-product operator, but it’s not currently defined as an operator character. (rdar://problem/23930008 <rdar://problem/23930008> suggested I come here for comment.)

Note that dot operator (⋅, U+22C5) is already available for operators and semantically appropriate, but Mac users can conveniently type option-shift-9 to get the middle dot which is a nice feature and consequently it’s more well-known.  FWIW, we have U+00B6 (¶) already defined as an operator, this would extend its range by one.


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