[swift-evolution] Proposal: conversion protocol naming conventions

Matthew Johnson matthew at anandabits.com
Tue Dec 15 12:15:45 CST 2015

> The great advantage of basic renaming is that migration is super-simple.

Renaming is simple but communicating and re-educating everyone using Swift is somewhat less so.  I don't mind it but imagine some would and some will argue against a larger change on that basis.  Personally, I would like it if we go with the best names we can come up with so I do nudge in this direction.

> And now that I think about it, CustomStringRepresentable is probably a lot better than CustomStringRepresentationExpressible

Representable is what I would have used if I wasn't trying to make a minimal change or if RawRepresentable didn't already use it for bidirectional conversion, so I agree that it is better than both Expressible and Projectable.


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