[swift-evolution] Remove (!) logical negation operator

Bruno Berisso gojan.wan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 12:14:50 CST 2015

> > For example in `if let aBool = aBool where !aBool`, let's suppose that
> we know that `aBool` optional it's not empty before this check. How would
> you write it? `!aBool!` or with the `if let...` ?
> if aBool == false {} covers this nicely.

I think it will be `if aBool! == false {} ` to match the case in my
previous example (not the *!*) (and note that I need to note the *!* :) )

I have the feeling that the Swift dev team had to follow this path when
they choose to use *!* to unwrap the optional values, it will be great to
have they insight.

As for the whole topic of words vs cryptic symbols for Boolean operators
> I'm agnostic on what's best but imho we need to have consistency. E.g.
> either all words, or all math symbols or all the same as in C (current
> state of things).

Agree. We could / should then use the ~ ?
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