[swift-evolution] Mailman?

Robert Schwalbe dev-null at inode.com
Tue Dec 15 09:06:50 CST 2015

>Mailman is tried and true, but also a bit clunky. Many people might 
>not like participating in these sorts of discussions by email.
>Has there been any though of using something like Discourse 
>(<http://www.discourse.org/>http://www.discourse.org/) for the Swift 
>mailing lists?
>Jacob Bandes-Storch

-1 for not using a mailing list (or +1 FOR using a mailng list).

Being able to keep a full searchable archive on my own hardware is 
Big numbers in an inbox do not scare me. I am in full control in 
maintaining the
archive and what I may not have any interest in today, I may have tomorrow.

One day, the silos will disappear.

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