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Can't the community help to help change it ?

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> Completely agree. For those of us who work largely in Slack, getting more
> emails is a disruption to workflow, not an improvement. I (and I'm sure
> many others) have just taken it as the price of entrance to be a part of
> this community, but it definitely doesn't support the stated goals of
> inclusivity.
> Like others have said, though, selecting an alternative would pose
> difficulties. For example, making sure emails are sent promptly for those
> who want them (even at scale), and OTOH ensuring that the site/platform/app
> is reliable and simple enough to be used stand-alone. That said, I think
> it's worth the discussion- and the switch if we find something suitable.
> All,
> I’ve said this before, but I’ll reiterate now: we just don’t have time now
> to think about reworking the infrastructure here. You can keep discussing
> if you wish, but those of us that have the ability to change the
> infrastructure simply don’t have the time, so we’re not paying any
> attention to this thread.
> - Doug
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