[swift-evolution] multi-line string literals

Andrey Tarantsov andrey at tarantsov.com
Mon Dec 14 16:21:17 CST 2015

> Yes, you are right, Brent, there should be a closing quote on the last line otherwise it would be a syntax error. That’s a much better idea! That would also fix the 
> let x = “foo
> being valid syntax problem.

Guys, you know this is crazy, right? :-)

1) copy & paste would be really annoying (on that note, Xcode should totally get multiple cursors support like in Sublime)

2) any non-specialized syntax highlighter would parse them all completely incorrectly, which is not a show-stopper, but shouldn't be taken lightly. (Think a generic indented code block in Markdown on GitHub.)

3) it's just cruel — https://xkcd.com/859/


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