[swift-evolution] access control proposal

Matthew Johnson matthew at anandabits.com
Mon Dec 14 11:39:46 CST 2015

> Yes, declaring it for a top level type in a file doesn't make sense. It's really for anything inside a scope that this scope is hiding. That's why I prefer to call it local. The name doesn't matter too much to me (as long as as it's reasonable). The important thing is that there is a way to completely hide implementation details inside s scope (a type or an extension) that does not force me to put every such scope into a separate file.

The name doesn’t matter much to me either.  We discussed the reasons why ‘local’ is not a good name several days ago.  At the time everyone involved in the discussion seemed to understand ‘scope’ but it may also be confusing to enough people that we should find something else.  I will give this some further thought.


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