[swift-evolution] Is there a need for a BigNumber library in Objective-C/Swift?

Otto van Verseveld ohvanverseveld at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 05:37:31 CST 2015

About I year ago I started, while Swift was still in beta development, a
github project containing a wrapper for the GNU Multiple Precision
Arithmetic library (see: https://github.com/githotto/osxgmp).

I haven't done much on it lately, also because some questions were not
answered in the GMP-community yet. I want to make it also suitable for iOS
development, since currently it compiles / runs only on OSX.

Do you think there is a need for this 'swift-extension' API/library and it
is worthwhile developing further such that the Swift language will have a
BigDecimal/BigInt library as being present in Java/C#?

Any thoughts or even help or suggestions on how to get it compiled for iOS
are very welcome!
Thanks in advance, kind regards,
Otto van Verseveld
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