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>     func make() -> Any {
What about parameter types that you erase, would you downcast and trap in
case of mismatch?

Did you look at AnySequence and other related types that implement a
similar pattern manually?

How do you expect people will use the result of such an operation in
practice?  The type being 'Any' makes it completely opaque.

Motivating case:
> This proposal arises (most recently) from the problem of trying to write
> code that is generic across IPv4 and IPv6.  For example
> final class Socket {
>     func getsockname() -> ???
> }
> In the IPv4 case this function should return `sockaddr_in`, but in the v6
> case it should return `sockaddr_in6`.  So this socket can only be
> represented as a protocol with associated type requirements, and so it
> cannot be trivially used e.g. as a function parameter, as an ivar, etc.
> This significantly complicates the implementation.

If your library is a high-level one, I definitely wouldn't want to see it
return 'Any' from Socket methods.  Instead, a library should erase the
differences between transport mechanisms in the high-level API, while still
providing a low-level API for those who need it, as well as for the
implementation of the high-level API.


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