[swift-evolution] ? suffix for <, >, =?utf-8?Q?<=3D=2C >=3D_?=comparisons with optionals to prevent subtle bugs

Lucas Derraugh lucas.derraugh at me.com
Wed Dec 9 05:31:54 CST 2015

This is related to a question I asked on SO a while back: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26172911/swift-nil-has-a-numeric-value

Seems that many others have had confusion with the same problem, and it can sneak into your code without being aware of it. The simple case that I ran into was comparing an Optional Int to an Int. It is a very subtle bug and one that I don’t think should be allowed to occur. To me the intent isn't clear in this situation. I don’t think nil should be considered true or false if compared against. The only alternative I can think of is if comparing anything to a nil value, the result would be false; this would probably still lead to unexpected behavior though.

Lucas Derraugh
lucas.derraugh at me.com

On December 9, 2015 at 6:10:40 AM, Al Skipp via swift-evolution (swift-evolution at swift.org) wrote:

To me it seems logical that comparing Optional<Int> with Int (or another
Optional<Int>), if it's allowed at all, should return Optional<Bool>. Since
conditional statements only accept Bool, the user is forced to handle the
nil case explicitly.
I disagree that comparing Optional values should have a return value of Optional<Bool>.
If the following were to be true:

.None < .Some(0) == .None

Then logically, this would be too:

[] < [1,2,3] == []

I think most people would agree that the correct result to that comparison should be ‘true’, not [].

When comparing ‘container’ types I think it’s important to have a simple Bool result, otherwise things get very peculiar (conceptually the Optional type is really just a container with a maximum count of 1).
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