[swift-evolution] Empower String type with regular expression

Jerome Paschoud jerome_paschoud at mac.com
Tue Dec 8 14:14:20 CST 2015

I would like to see the String type to support regular expression per default. I think that a language that advertise itself as being a good scripting language should provide in its default implementation an easy way (=~ for example in Perl) to use regular expressions. I know that one can use the NSRegularExpression, but who really what to first create an NSRegularExpression object(whit all the nice escaping operation that come with every \), then get a NSTextCheckingResult, then get a range (and what I mean is a NSRange and not a NSRange<String.Index>) and finally perform slicing of your original string. 

I realize that it could be considered as purely syntactic sugar, but what a nice one.


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