[swift-evolution] C-style For Loops

Per Melin p at greendale.se
Sun Dec 6 12:08:43 CST 2015

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 5:59 PM, Erica Sadun via swift-evolution <
swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:

> Another complaint regarded a loss of succinctness. Per Melin wrote:
> Another example from the same LinkedList class. It finds the right place
> to insert a new node:
>   for next = head; next != nil && index > 0; prev = next, next = next!.
> next, --index { }
> Extreme? Probably, but I like it better than the same thing done in five
> lines of while loop.
No worries, but for the record, I did absolutely not write that. I *quoted*
that. I think that C-style 'for' is a horrible mess that should be killed
with fire.
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