[swift-evolution] If-let Shortcut Syntax

Richard Fox fox.ios.dev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 17:13:13 CST 2015

Hi all,

I propose a shortened syntax for using if-let with local names unwrapping
higher order optionals of the same name. i. e.

if let a {

as a shortcut for this:

if let a = a{

>From my observations echoing the local let variable name on the optional
being unwrapped seems to have become the commonly used practice.

I do not see this conflicting with any existing code.

My only thought's on potential pitfalls are if there is a local variable
and higher order variable both with the same name, as there may be
confusion as to which you are unwrapping.  Although I don't see this as a
huge issue, as fault for such an error seems like it would weigh mostly on
architectural mistakes.

Also I think this would go hand in hand with a guard implementation of the
same nature

guard let a else{

Rich Fox
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