[swift-dev] Testing, validation, and many-core machines

David Zarzycki dave at znu.io
Wed Jan 17 10:23:23 CST 2018


In docs/Testing.md, “long test” is acknowledged but never defined. When should tests be marked “long_test”? I’m asking because there are arguably a number of latent long_test tests that are exposed on many-core machines.

Speaking of many-core machines, there really isn’t a practical difference between smoke/primary testing and secondary/validation testing. Both test suites rush through 95-99% of the tests in very short order, and then wait a relatively long time for the remaining tests to finish. Can we move some of the exhaustive/stress tests in the “primary” suite to the validation suite? Likewise, can we move some of the short/functional tests in the validation directory to the primary test directory? That would match people’s expectations better, would it not?


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