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Kazuki Ohara kazuki.ohara at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 17:58:58 CST 2017

Hi, Phil

I will look into the project.

Thank you,

2017-12-18 3:38 GMT+09:00 Phil J. Łaszkowicz <noreply at forums.swift.org>:

> siilime <http://forums.swift.org/u/siilime> Phil J. Łaszkowicz
> <http://forums.swift.org/u/siilime>
> December 17
> That project has now included support for Swift 4.
> Officially you’re simply not going to get anything useful at this stage
> regarding comments on Windows support. Without official support from the
> project, the likely end-result of the product will be non-optimal, which is
> often regarded as worse than non-existent.
> Currently, even though Swift 4 has now been added for Windows, and there’s
> continuous updates on that project, it still lacks the support to keep it
> in closer sync to the official trunk, (it’s currently 11692 commits behind).
> But as far as experimenting with it, you have your Swift 4 support!
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