[swift-dev] Adding Ubuntu 32-bit support

Ionel Lescai ionel71089 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 03:07:50 CST 2017


I'm trying to build Swift from source on a 32-bit Ubuntu virtual machine.
I've done minor modifications, mostly to the build script (see https://pastebin.com/rmWecTu7 )

I'm getting the following error, related to converting Float80 (see https://pastebin.com/ue8MRquU for full output)

1. While running pass #147 SILFunctionTransform "SIL alloc_stack Hoisting" on SILFunction "@_T0s7Float80V15_representationAB01_A14RepresentationVvg".
 for getter for _representation at /home/gigi/local/Source/apple/swift/stdlib/public/core/FloatingPointTypes.swift.gyb:342:16
2. While converting type 'Float80' (declared at [/home/gigi/local/Source/apple/swift/stdlib/public/core/FloatingPointTypes.swift.gyb:74:8 - line:3662:1] RangeText="struct Float80 {

Using ~/local/Source/apple/swift/utils/build-script --release to build.

Please advise.
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