[swift-dev] Highlighting other platforms for Swift?

Ron Olson tachoknight at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 14:43:21 CST 2017

Hi Ted-

I mocked up an example of the readme.md file:


I guessed at the Swift For Windows version based on the last build date; 
I imagine the protocol for getting a link added to the list would 
require the version of Swift being provided, regardless of the version 
of the project; Swift for Windows self-versions 1.6, which doesn't 
indicate what actual version of Swift they're using.

Presumably those projects that support the CI bots could get the badges; 
I didn't want to adhere too closely to the original platform table 
without considering all the ramifications so I didn't include them.


On 15 Nov 2017, at 13:35, Ted Kremenek wrote:

> Hi Ron,
> This is a great question.
> We’re actively setting up support to wire in up externally hosted CI 
> bots to our CI infrastructure so that the community can help support 
> the bringup and testing of Swift on other platforms beyond the 
> officially supported platforms.  The tentative rollout for that was 
> December.  We’ll announce more details once we get closer to 
> rollout.
> With that in mind, we’d definitely be interested in highlighting 
> platforms that are being brought up, especially those actively tested 
> in CI, prominently on Swift.org <http://swift.org/>.  I’m also 
> interested in highlighting other bring-up efforts as well (say those 
> without CI testing), although possibly with much less emphasis.  The 
> nice thing about projects that are being actively tested during 
> development is that it provides a transparent read to the community on 
> how actively maintained that platform actually is.
> That said, do you have specific ideas on how such efforts should be 
> highlighted on swift.org <http://swift.org/>, and what should be the 
> optics?
> Thanks,
> Ted
>> On Nov 15, 2017, at 9:01 AM, Ron Olson via swift-dev 
>> <swift-dev at swift.org> wrote:
>> Hi all-
>> Apologies in advance if this has been discussed and I missed it, but 
>> I was wondering if there'd be any possibility of including an 
>> 'Unsupported/User contributed/Not Endorsed/etc.' section under 
>> 'Supported Platforms' to link to projects working to bring Swift to 
>> other platforms (e.g. Fedora, Windows, etc.).
>> Disclosure: I've been working to keep Corinne Krych's original RPM 
>> build for Swift up to date at 
>> https://github.com/tachoknight/swift-rpm (currently at 4.0, testing 
>> 4.0.2).
>> Ron
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