[swift-dev] No attribute(swiftcall) support on Linux?

Greg Parker gparker at apple.com
Tue Nov 14 00:47:24 CST 2017

I see that in our Linux builds clang complains that it does not support the swiftcall attribute.

    In file included from /home/buildnode/jenkins/workspace/swift-PR-Linux/branch-master/swift/unittests/runtime/Metadata.cpp:13:
    /home/buildnode/jenkins/workspace/swift-PR-Linux/branch-master/swift/include/swift/Runtime/Metadata.h:3015:1: warning: unknown attribute 'swiftcall' ignored [-Wunknown-attributes]

How bad is this? Do we not use a custom calling convention on Linux platforms today?

Greg Parker     gparker at apple.com <mailto:gparker at apple.com>     Runtime Wrangler

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