[swift-dev] Builtin.loadRaw

Sam Ding samding at ca.ibm.com
Thu Sep 28 16:16:00 CDT 2017

I am testing a test case "KeyPath.swift" on s390x for v4.0 . It is found
that " Builtin.loadRaw" as the below of
 "stdlib/public/core/UnsafeRawPointer.swift.gyb" returns a different value
than that on x86-64.

     public func load<T>(fromByteOffset offset: Int = 0, as type: T.Type)
   -> T {
       _debugPrecondition(0 == (UInt(bitPattern: self + offset)
           & (UInt(MemoryLayout<T>.alignment) - 1)),
         "load from misaligned raw pointer")

       return Builtin.loadRaw((self + offset)._rawValue)       // return a
   different value on s390x vs x86-64

My debugger (lldb) does not guide me to the detailed of " Builtin.loadRaw".
Searching "loadRaw" and finding
   "loadRaw", Special)

But  I could not find the definition of this "LoadRaw" from the whole swift
Can anyone give me a hint where  its implementation is?


Sam Ding,
Linux on z Systems  Open Source Ecosystem
IBM Toronto Lab,
email: samding at ca.ibm.com
phone: (905)413-2947
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