[swift-dev] how much of non-Swift in Swif

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Wed Sep 6 04:26:38 CDT 2017

Hi Swift developers,

nice to meet you all in this list.
While having a look at Swift's source code, I am not able to really answer myself two questions:

1) How much and what types of interfaces with non-Swift code is there in the standard library and the runtime? I have seen references to the "Builtin" class, that as I understand is directly implemented in LLVM IR language, and also calls to C++ functions ("SwiftShims" is full of that). Is there any more "boundary" with non-Swift parts of the implementation?
2) Are you aware of any project out there that aims to minimize, or at least make more consistent, the amount of references to non-Swift functions and types in the standard library? I know about Pure Swift's "SwiftFoundation" and other artifacts of them, but as far as I know they do not dig into the standard library.

Thanking you in advance for the answers!


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