[swift-dev] Plans for swift-format?

Jimmy Yue jyue at linkedin.com
Mon Aug 21 15:07:26 CDT 2017

Hey Swift team,

We’ve been trying to build a linter in-house that can cover most of our rules (https://github.com/linkedin/swift-style-guide).
Our current approach for retrieving the AST has been very similar to how your swift-format tool works, but at the moment swift-format is a bit too barebones to pick up. Is there a roadmap available for this tool? Ideally we would also be able to define our own rulesets, or at least extend upon the tool’s access to the AST. Though it looks like swift-format is intended for indentation checks, and perhaps you aren’t looking to build out a complete linter, perhaps we can contribute to opening up the tool such that adding rules doesn’t require maintaining a Swift toolchain and recompiling the tool itself?

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