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Félix Fischer felix91gr at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 00:50:45 CDT 2017

Hi all.

I’m a CS student, and as such I’ve heard that the compiling process is very
hard, O(2^n) in the worst case (because of the type checker). I’m curious
as to how true this is. Is it truly EXP? Is there a shortcut (from the dev
perspective) to avoid this cost (maybe by defining all of the types

I have another question regarding the compiling times. I’ve read and heard
from many members of the Core Team that there is a technical debt regarding
compiling times. How true is this? Can compiling times be shortened to a
50% of what they are at the moment? And what is the lower bound? Is it

Thanks for your patience. :)
I’m probably asking something obvious, but I don’t know this and I have
looked it up as much as I’ve been able to.

Best regards,
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