[swift-dev] Build on s390x error for swift-4.0-branch

Sam Ding samding at ca.ibm.com
Mon Jul 17 16:00:22 CDT 2017


I am trying to build swift-4.0-branch on s390x.

 1)  The 1st error is in stdlib/public/core/UTF8.swift, line 51,
 failed at " _sanityCheck(source.count  ==4 ) ".
In fact, the test shows "source.count" = "0" on s390x,  Note
is a new code in swift-4.0-branch, what change should be?

2)  The 2nd error is in "../swiftpm/Sources/Basic/Path.swift" line 506

   private func normalize(absolute string: String) -> String {
       precondition(string.characters.first == "/", "Failure normalizing
\(string), absolute paths should start with '/'")

But in fact the "string" is empty and causes the build stop.
Seems this is related to the configuration.


Sam Ding,

email: samding at ca.ibm.com
phone: (905)413-2947
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