[swift-dev] Formatting Improvements for Benchmark Reports (Swift-CI GitHub Integration)

Pavol Vaskovic pali at pali.sk
Thu May 25 16:14:43 CDT 2017

Hello Mishal, hello swift-dev

Could you tell me (point me to source code) how does the Swift-CI
integration on GitHub piece together the benchmark report? I'd like to fix
the subheadings "Unoptimized (Onone)" and "Hardware Overview" that are not
being displayed correctly. I suggest we use ### Subheading instead of
trying to **bold** the text.

I'm also toying with a fix for overflowing results table by inserting
breaks in our ever longer test names in the comp_perf_test.py. The
situation is particularly egregious in GitHub's mobile view:


I could use soft hypens or zero-width spaces:

Soft Hyphenated
664663 664928 664810 9409877
943681 943979 943869 9418069
1252577 1254327 1253654 9412608
933119 933913 933470 9415339Zero-width Spaced
664663 664928 664810 9409877
943681 943979 943869 9418069
1252577 1254327 1253654 9412608
933119 933913 933470 9415339

IMO this would considerably improve the situation. The only downside is
that if you copied the test names, you would not be able to find them in
the project, because of the invisible characters inserted between the came
case word boundaries. What do you think?

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