[swift-dev] Compiler crash when optimisation enabled

Mark Woollard mark.woollard at mac.com
Fri Apr 7 01:31:12 CDT 2017

Following upgrade to Xcode 8.3 / Swift 3.1 I have a project where the compiler is crashing when Swift optimisation is enabled in release builds (whole module or single file). Project builds fine for earlier compiler releases. The crash gives no stack trace in console. The crash occurs for one framework component within a complex project with multiple frameworks + app with lots of inter-dependency so its hard to know what specifically is causing the issue or produce something to reproduce and file with a bug report. If I turn off optimisation for that one framework the whole project builds.

I gather crashes related to optimisation have been seen by others from discussions I’ve seen elsewhere ?
What is the status of the issue, ETA for a fix ?
Is there anything I can do to help provide info to fix the issue ? I might be able to build debug version of compiler and try and use it under debugger with the project for example, or is there anything else I can do to get you useful info ?


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