[swift-dev] Using gyb with benchmarks

Pavol Vaskovic pali at pali.sk
Thu Apr 6 15:14:56 CDT 2017

On Thursday, 6 April 2017 at 19:44, Michael Gottesman wrote:
> > On Apr 6, 2017, at 6:16 AM, Pavol Vaskovic via swift-dev <swift-dev at swift.org (mailto:swift-dev at swift.org)> wrote:
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> > How do I make benchmarks work with gyb?

Upon further inspection, one needs to regenerate harness _after_ modifying the gyb anyway, so manually invoking gyb works fine for now, given the [FILE].swift.gyb is ignored by the benchmarking and compilation machinery.

Is that so bad to add .gyb templates alongside the .swift sources and generate the boilerplate as a first step when generating harness?
> Please do not do this. We have been talking about switching the benchmarks to use swiftpm instead of our own custom cmake goop. swiftpm does not support using custom things like gyb.
> Michael
What’s the motivation here? I’m guessing GYB will not be removed from other parts of project… The benchmark files for sequence operations I’ve been looking at are ripe for templating, reducing possibility to make accidental errors when adding new variations.  

I’m about to add coverage for a lot more of sequence operations, as their current performance is horrible. These are almost identical, varying only by the concrete type of sequence/collection tested, plus lazy variants. Being able to automate this seems vital to me.

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