[swift-dev] Namespacing Compiler-Stdlib Interfaces

Alexis abeingessner at apple.com
Thu Dec 15 17:46:58 CST 2016

Triaging old radars, I came across rdar://27268632 <rdar://27268632> from Dmitri. The gist of it is that he was proposing grouping up all the random global functions that are implicitly called by the compiler under a “namespace” by making them static methods of an enum called _Intrinsic. (This name is kind’ve confusing, because it seems to be the opposite of the traditional notion of an intrinsic. _RuntimeHook?)

Since this affects how the compiler interfaces with the standard library, I figured I should check with everyone what they think about doing this. This is an ABI stability issue, because future compilers will emit these symbols.

I don’t really have a strong opinion on the matter. Avoiding global pollution and clarifying interfaces seems nice?
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