[swift-dev] Purpose of validation-test/Reflection/reflect_*.swift

Alexis abeingessner at apple.com
Wed Oct 26 19:29:44 CDT 2016

I’m not clear on what the reflection tests are attempting to actually verify. Just that we don’t change the internal layout of these types accidentally? We’re churning up the layouts of a lot of the collections to get things all set up for ABI stability, which means mechanically updating these tests to expect “whatever output we now happen to output”.

In Dave’s initial eager bridging stuff he left a comment indicating that these are incorrectly relying on implementation details. Without any context, I’m inclined to agree. The fact that somewhere deep in the guts of String there lives an enum doesn’t seem important to verify. (how big it is, and how many extra inhabitants it has, does seem worth verifying longterm).
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