[swift-dev] problems building swift-3.0-RELEASE

Jon Rafkind jon.rafkind at hpe.com
Tue Oct 25 18:50:04 CDT 2016

I am getting build errors in the clang/ directory when all of the 
swift-related components are checked out to the swift-3.0-RELEASE tag.

First I checked out apple/swift from github, ran utils/update-checkout, 
then checked out each component to use swift-3.0-RELEASE (which I had to 
do manually because update-checkout won't run git pull --tags..)

Anyway the first build error is

swift $ utils/build-script -r

error: too few arguments to function call, at least argument 'Argv0' 
must be specified
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^
note: 'PrintStackTraceOnErrorSignal' declared here
   void PrintStackTraceOnErrorSignal(StringRef Argv0,

Which I solved by passing in argv[0] to PrintStackTraceOnErrorSignal(). 
Then I got some new errors that I have not attempted to solve.

In file included from 
error: unknown type name 'Fixnum'
using IdentifierID = Fixnum<31>;
error: unknown type name 'data_type'
     using data_type_ref = const data_type &;

In file included from 
In file included from 
error: implicit instantiation of undefined template 'llvm::ArrayRef<int>'
     void setRequiresImmediate(llvm::ArrayRef<int> Exacts) {

Thats just a selection of the errors. Which branch of clang/llvm should 
I use to be able to build swift 3.0?

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