[swift-dev] Does it make sense to fold FreeBSD specific patches to Swift into the upstream codebase?

John McCall rjmccall at apple.com
Mon Oct 3 13:21:24 CDT 2016

> On Oct 2, 2016, at 10:59 AM, Steve Wills via swift-dev <swift-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> On 10/02/2016 13:38, Brendan Sechter wrote:
>> Currently the Swift source code is being patched so that it will build
>> on FreeBSD.  Does it make sense to just fold (most of?) these changes
>> into the upstream Swift codebase?
> That would be great. Also nice would be if there were an upstream CI for
> FreeBSD at https://ci.swift.org/. I'm happy to help however I can.
>> A total of 9 files are patched.  A casual review of the patches
>> indicates that they are all making simple modifications so that FreeBSD
>> is a supported operating system.  Here is an example of one of the patches.
>> /usr/ports/lang/swift/files/patch-llvm_lib_Support_Unix_Process.inc
>> complete listing
> Yep, and there are still some issues with certain versions of FreeBSD
> that would be nice to iron out.

Patches to support new targets are always(*) welcome in-tree.


(*) Within reason.  If your operating system only runs on an architecture with 7-bit bytes, sorry. :)

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