[swift-dev] [Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA - Ubuntu 16.04 - Long Test (swift 3.0) #24

David P Grove groved at us.ibm.com
Mon Sep 26 14:19:22 CDT 2016

	I think the fix for this is a one-time forced update (or removal to
get a clean checkout) of libdispatch on the build machines.

	The problem is that libpwq has config.h.in checked into git.  That
file really shouldn't be in source control because it is generated by
autotools.   An update to that file in git is clashing with the modified
version generated by autotools on the build machine.


From:	Tony Parker <anthony.parker at apple.com>
To:	David P Grove/Watson/IBM at IBMUS
Cc:	Mark Lacey <mark.lacey at apple.com>, mishal_shah
            <mishal_shah at apple.com>, swift-dev <swift-dev at swift.org>
Date:	09/26/2016 02:42 PM
Subject:	Re: [Swift CI] Build Failure: 0. OSS - Swift Incremental RA -
            Ubuntu 16.04 - Long Test (swift 3.0) #24
Sent by:	anthony.parker at apple.com

Dave, is there something that autoconf is doing here that needs to be
adjusted to fit in with the build script?

Submodule path 'libkqueue': checked out
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by
Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can switch branches.
Unable to checkout '23fba319ee26ae97dd4a64ff605d4bb613a016b2' in submodule
path 'libpwq'
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure

- Tony

      On Sep 26, 2016, at 11:42 AM, no-reply at swift.org wrote:

      [FAILURE] oss-swift-3.0-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04-long-test
 Build URL: https://ci.swift.org/job/oss-swift-3.0-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04-long-test/24/ 
  Project:  oss-swift-3.0-incremental-RA-linux-ubuntu-16_04-long-test                              
  Date of   Mon, 26 Sep 2016 11:41:33 -0700                                                        
   Build    44 sec                                                                                 

 Name: Swift(linux-x86_64)                                                  
 Failed: 0 test(s), Passed: 8251 test(s), Total: 8251 test(s)               
 Name: Swift-Unit                                                           
 Failed: 0 test(s), Passed: 230 test(s), Total: 230 test(s)                 

            Commit c57f63503147f66015476988c5d24a3b296910db by mark.lacey:

            [Diagnostics] Refactor argument matching when dealing with a
                  edit: lib/Sema/CSDiag.cpp

            Commit ca0cc2f084aaaa425ee3c7cf307422d806676b8d by mark.lacey:

            [Diagnostics] Refactor argument source range retrieval
                  edit: lib/Sema/CSDiag.cpp

            Commit ff8ea2ddcbf96aaf967129946a4b1befe0f2a301 by mark.lacey:

            [Diagnostics] SR-2242: Fix diagnostic when argument label is
                  edit: lib/Sema/CSSimplify.cpp
                  edit: test/Constraints/diagnostics.swift
                  edit: lib/Sema/CSDiag.cpp
                  edit: lib/Sema/ConstraintSystem.h

            Commit b710263c6afb0df2b04c928384c63af71ba33516 by groved:

            update libkqueue and libpwq submodules
                  edit: libpwq
                  edit: libkqueue

            Commit b6898c75e42fe73552b22a32361fb440cc9fdefc by

            Cherry-pick important fixes for 3.0.1 (#654)
                  edit: TestFoundation/TestNSNumberFormatter.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSURLSession/TaskRegistry.swift
                  edit: TestFoundation/TestNSSet.swift
                  edit: Foundation/Set.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSNumberFormatter.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSURLSession/Configuration.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSURLSession/NSURLSessionTask.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSURLSession/NSURLSession.swift
                  edit: TestFoundation/TestNSTimeZone.swift
                  edit: Foundation/NSURLSession/NSURLSessionDelegate.swift

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