[swift-dev] Extending Swift's continuous integration

Brian Gesiak modocache at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 07:02:59 CDT 2016

Hello all,
(+cc Ted Kremenek, John Holdsworth, Philippe Hausler)

Following up on
I'd like to discuss expanding the range of platforms that are tested by

Currently, @swift-ci is capable of "test macOS platform" and "test Linux
platform", among others. It would be awesome if we could ask it to "test
Android platform", "test Linux ARM platform", and so on.

Kremenek states that the idea is to add another Jenkins master that could
be used to add additional machines for different platforms, to enable more
CI testing on additional platforms the community cares about, including

I was wondering if there's anything I could do to help here. I have
desktops capable of building Swift for Android, Android devices to run the
tests on, and developer time to help get this set up. Would those resources

If the "another Jenkins master" is something that'll happen far off into
the future, I was considering creating a @swift-android-ci GitHub user that
would, like the @swift-ci bot, respond to "@swift-android-ci please test".

Since Android isn't tested on Swift CI, I've been fixing build breakages
after they land in master, sometimes a few days after they're merged.
Additional CI would greatly improve the stability of the Android build --
I'm looking forward to next steps here! :)

- Brian Gesiak
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