[swift-dev] [SourceKit] Include sourcekitd.h in distributed toolchain

Argyrios Kyrtzidis kyrtzidis at apple.com
Wed Aug 31 13:34:32 CDT 2016

> On Aug 12, 2016, at 7:14 AM, Ryan Lovelett <swift-dev at ryan.lovelett.me> wrote:
>> The header is not currently bundled with Xcode because it is not
>> considered a supported stable API.
>> The toolchain snapshots from swift.org do not make any promises about
>> stable APIs so we include it with those.
> Thank you for the response. It seems that you do a lot of the
> management/development of the SourceKit tool. Obviously you are way more
> knowledgeable than me about this.
> Forgive the impertinence, but _why_ is the API not considered supported
> or stable? It is obvious Xcode makes use of it and I think Xcode is
> considered a stable product? Enough of that though.

There is a significant difference between using Xcode as a product that builds your project and using frameworks and headers contained inside the Xcode.app bundle to link with your project.
With ‘not supported’ I mean that, unless stated otherwise, frameworks contained inside the Xcode.app bundle are considered internal implementation details and we reserve the right to completely change them between Xcode versions (the ABI may change or the framework eliminated entirely, etc.); even though such changes may not have any observable changes for _using_ Xcode.app.

> The far more important question is what can I do to change this
> position? Even more important is there anything that I can do to change
> the stance before Swift 3.0 is shipped?

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