[swift-dev] [SourceKit] Include sourcekitd.h in distributed toolchain

Ryan Lovelett swift-dev at ryan.lovelett.me
Fri Aug 12 09:14:40 CDT 2016

> The header is not currently bundled with Xcode because it is not
> considered a supported stable API.
> The toolchain snapshots from swift.org do not make any promises about
> stable APIs so we include it with those.

Thank you for the response. It seems that you do a lot of the
management/development of the SourceKit tool. Obviously you are way more
knowledgeable than me about this.

Forgive the impertinence, but _why_ is the API not considered supported
or stable? It is obvious Xcode makes use of it and I think Xcode is
considered a stable product? Enough of that though.

The far more important question is what can I do to change this
position? Even more important is there anything that I can do to change
the stance before Swift 3.0 is shipped?

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