[swift-dev] Putting an app on the Android Play Store using Swift

Geordie J geojay at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 06:33:24 CDT 2016

Hi fellow swift devs,

About a month ago we put an app on the Google Play Store <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flowkey.app> that has a large component written in Swift (we think it was the first). This couldn’t have happened without the awesome work and enormous support of the Swift community, especially @zhuowei and @modocache, others including William Dillon for his work on the Raspberry Pi port, and various members of the Apple Swift team for answering questions along the way. I want to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to all of you for this here!

In order to give something back to the community, I wrote some posts about the experience with the hope of encouraging more to give it a try themselves. If you’re interested in the idea of using Swift on Android, I’d be delighted if you took the time (about 15-20mins in total) to read the posts and share / recommend them. Here they are:

1. Why we put an app in the Android Play Store using Swift <https://medium.com/@ephemer/why-we-put-an-app-in-the-android-play-store-using-swift-96ac87c88dfc#.g9ar12e50> (mostly non-technical)
2. How we put an app in the Android Play Store using Swift <https://medium.com/@ephemer/how-we-put-an-app-in-the-android-play-store-using-swift-67bd99573e3c#.v60v3peru> (more technical, with code examples)
3. Using JNI in Swift to put an app into the Android Play Store <https://medium.com/@ephemer/using-jni-in-swift-to-put-an-app-into-the-android-play-store-732e542a99dd#.s67rhrvrt> (very technical, first principles)

I’d be happy to answer any questions here or in the comments sections there. Have a great Sunday!

In gratitude,

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