[swift-dev] Consider removing the space in Swift AST dump's "decl" attribute?

Minsheng Liu lambda at liu.ms
Sun May 8 22:22:42 CDT 2016


I notice that currently the dumped AST contains a parsing-unfriendly “decl”
attribute like this:
> decl=fib.(file).func decl.b at fib.swift:4:9
The “func decl” contains a space but has nothing like a quote around it.
The whole AST output is delimited by spaces. I think this might create some
difficulty for someone who intends to parse the AST into another language
(like me). Is there any special purpose for adding a space like this,
rather than using something like “func_decl”? If not, should we change the
behavior to make it more parsing-friendly?

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