[swift-dev] [swift-lldb-dev] repl/test-repl-glibc.py Failure on Ubuntu

Ryan Lovelett swift-dev at ryan.lovelett.me
Fri Apr 15 22:11:24 CDT 2016

Progress. Hat tip to William Dillon (@hpux735 on Twitter) for pointing
something out; `strace`

Ran `strace` on the REPL while trying to import Glibc. Noticed that it
was looking for a file: /usr/lib/lldb/clang/linux/x86_64/glibc.modulemap
which does not exist. However,
/usr/lib/lldb/clang/linux/x86_64/glibc.modulemap does exist.

Provided a symbolic link from
/usr/lib/lldb/clang/linux/x86_64/glibc.modulemap to
/usr/lib/lldb/clang/linux/x86_64/glibc.modulemap. Voila! It is importing

I'll start working on a patch in the morning (of course if someone beats
me to it I won't be mad; please). Just thought I'd update those
interested with a work around in the meantime.

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