[swift-dev] repl/test-repl-glibc.py Failure on Ubuntu

Joseph Bell joe at iachieved.it
Thu Apr 14 08:17:00 CDT 2016


I've mentioned this once before and didn't get any feedback; I thought I'd
give it one more shot.

Has anyone out there tried building, from scratch, the Swift 3.0 package on
Ubuntu?  The compile, link, packaging steps all complete successfully, but
then the repl/test-repl-glibc.py fails.  The failure is that the REPL
doesn't interact (the underlying script is using pexpect to send/expect)

  2> import Glibc
warning: <REPL>:1:1: warning: #line directive is deprecated, please use
#sourceLocation instead
#line 2 "repl.swift"

warning: repl.swift:3:1: warning: #line directive is deprecated, please use
#sourceLocation instead

error: repl.swift:2:8: error: missing required module 'SwiftGlibc'
import Glibc

This is occurring on two separate Ubuntu 14.04 systems, one of which is a
greenfield VM with all of the prerequisites/clang-3.6 installed.

Stumped on this one and was just curious if anyone can reproduce.


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